Pius XII

This photo’ from our archives shows a meeting between Venerable Pope Pius XII and Abbots of our Order during the General Chapter of 1947


Abbot Frederick Vavrousek of Zeliv, Abbot Peter Moehler of Tepla at Schonau, Abbot Hugh Bennebroek of Postel, Abbot Hubert Noots, abbot general, Abbot Norbert Calmels of Frigolet, Pope Pius XII, Abbot Sylvester Killeen of De Pere, Abbot Emiel Stalmans of Tongerlo, Abbot Hroznata Van Heesch of Grimbergen, Abbot Milo Ondersteijn of Berne, Abbot John Versteylen of Park,  Abbot Jerome Triendl of Wilten

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