Pope John Paul II on the Norbertine Order


According to the words of Pope John Paul II, the Order today is called by God, in the spirit of Our Holy Father Norbert, to:

i. Make the holy sacrifice of the Mass the source of their strength and happiness.

ii. Hold high the Eucharist over all the miseries and errors of this world.

iii. Bring truth, certainty and love to the people of today, binding them closely to the presence of Jesus in the Mass.

iv. Live united in fidelity to liturgical prayer, personal contemplation and apostolic work.

v. Always give an example of a sincere and serious religious life.

vi. Witness to the world around it the values which are eternal and transcendent.

vii. Guide and love the people amongst whom the canons work.

viii. Be ever faithful to the Catholic Church.

ix. Remain in sincere respect to their diocesan bishop and to be attentive with him to the living voice of the Vicar of Christ.

x. Foster in everyone a love for the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

“Just as Pope Gregory VII’s call to renewal was embraced by Saint Norbert, so the Church today looks to his spiritual sons to contribute with enthusiasm to the challenges posed by preaching the Gospel at the dawn of the Third Millennium.”
             – Pope John Paul II, Address to the participants of the General Chapter of the Canons Regular of Prémontré, 29 September 2003

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