Feast of Bl. Hugh


Today is the feast of Blessed Hugh of Fosses. Blessed Hugh was born in Fosses in what is now known as Belgium in 1093. He was a student of the school of the chapter of canons of the collegiate chapter at Saint-Feuillen and in time became the secretary of the bishop of Cambrai, Burchard. On meeting St. Norbert he experienced a conversion of his life and left all to follow Our Holy Father, traveeling with him around France, Belgium and Germany where they preached. With St. Norbert he helped found the Order at Prémontré where he became the first abbot.


As abbot Hugh never signed his name with ‘abbot’ but only as ‘servant of God and Norbert’, a sign of his great humilty. As abbot general of the Order Hugh convoked the General Chapters and made important early reforms such as the separation of the monasteries of canons and canonesses. It was also he who codified the Premonstratensian litrugical practises. He died in 1164.

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