Feast of St. Norbert

Magdebúrgi sancti Norbérti, ejúsdem civitátis Epíscopi et Confessóris, qui Fundátor exstitit Ordinis Præmonstraténsis.


On this, the 875th year from the death of Our Holy Father Norbert, the community at St. Philip’s thanks all our friends, relatives and benefactors throughout the world for their prayers and support.

May Our Holy Father intercede for us and bless us his sons, here in Chelmsford, The Lord Abbot General and all communities throughout the world that we may faithfully bear witness to all that he did and taught.

 In cloistered hearts thou didst awake
The love of Him, Who for our sake
Dwells on our altars, closely veiled.
When Tanchelin’s profane touch assailed
That sacred Mystery, thou didst raise
Thy trumpet voice.  And with amaze
The Gallic nation stood to hear
Thy matchless accents, rich and clear; 
St. Bernard, too, proclaiming thee
A lute of heavenly melody.
Angels of peace, at thy command
Fierce discord vanished from the land,
And hearts by thee to Jesus given
Brought forth abundant fruit for Heaven.
When comes, at last, the harvest hour,
Oh! garner us, with saintly power.


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