Forty Hours Devotion

As part of our celebration of the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ we will be holding the Forty Hours Devotion in the Priory chapel.


 Thursday 11th June

6 p.m. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

followed by Solemn Vespers

9 p.m. ~ Compline and Benediction

12 Midnight ~ Rosary

Friday 12th June

6.45 ~ Matins

7.30 a.m. ~ Lauds

8 a.m. ~ Holy Mass

12 noon ~ Midday Prayer

3 p.m. ~ Rosary

6 p.m. ~ Vespers

9 p.m. ~ Compline and Benediction

12 Midnight ~ Rosary


12 Midnight ~ Rosary

6.45 a.m. ~ Matins

7.30 a.m. ~ Lauds

12 noon ~ Holy Mass


Bees fly from flower to flower to gather honey everywhere; likewise a soul must search into the various mysteries of our faith to acquire therefrom devotion and piety.  Especially when the Blessed Sacrament, the true Body of Christ, is exposed on the Altar or received by you in Holy Communion, be mindful to use all your strength in endeavoring to offer to your Divine Guest all the faculties of your soul, especially your will and to awaken in your heart the most fervent love. – St. Norbert


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