Translation of Our Holy Father Norbert

Today the Order of Premontre commemorates the translation of the body of St Norbert from its initial resting-place in Magdeburg, to its current glorious location in the Abbey of Strahov, in 1627.

The exciting story of how and why this happened is related here.

Many protestants abjured their heresy during the octave of that auspicious event, doubtless through the intercession of Saint Norbert, who himself had crushed the crypto-protestant heresy in Antwerp led by Tanchelin in the 1120’s. Let us pray that through the glorious intercession of our Holy Father Norbert, many who, in our own days, are deceived by heresy and error, may be restored into full communion with the Catholic Church. And may we who venerate the sacred relics of our holy Founder here on earth, one day be raised with him to reign with Christ in His heavenly Kingdom. Amen!

The body of Saint Norbert is enshrined above an altar in the Royal Canonry of Strahov, Prague.

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