Norbertine Sisters of the Mountain

Novice canonesses rowing on the lake.

Novice canonesses rowing on the lake.

We have written previously about the newly founded community of Norbertine canonesses of Bethlehem Priory of St Joseph in Tehachapi, California, but now the growing community of 26 canonesses are preparing to move into their new accommodation and facilities.

An American news channel provides a fascinating tour of the new monastery and an insight into the life of the canonesses here. More information on the canonesses can be found elsewhere on the blog or on their website.

Please support the Norbertine canons and canonesses with your prayers, remember especially the new community of canonesses in Tehachapi and our community in Chelmsford.


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Simply Professed Junior with the Canons Regular of Prémontré in the canonry of Our Lady of Sorrows and St Philip Benizi, Chelmsford.
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