Norbertine Spirituality

Today, we began our new Norbertine Spirituality venture at the Priory. On the first Saturday of the month, there will be prayers and a talk, followed by some refreshments and an opportunity to socialise for half-an-hour in the Priory library.


Today, Brother Gregory spoke about the early life of St Norbert, and his thirst for the apostolic way of life. Like the life of the apostles and disciples after the Ascension of the Lord, religious life is a representation, here and now, of the society of the new Jerusalem (albeit and imperfect representation). St Norbert’s thing was that that eschatological way of life was to be open to all people, not just those inside the monastery, but by association, those who we encounter on the periphery. At Prémontré, there were not only clerics, but lay men and women that were involved, like as the Apostolic Church, with the life of the community: all of us are on the same journey towards heaven!

Please pray for our new venture. All are welcome to attend. Meetings will be held every first Saturday of the month; please contact Brother Gregory for more information (

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